Working Towards a Plastic-Free Future

March 27, 2018 | Green Living

Working Towards a Plastic-Free Future

Learn how at Greenpeace’s Booth at the Green Living Show!

Searching for ways that you can help fight plastic pollution and protect our lakes, rivers and oceans?

Greenpeace is excited to join the Green Living Show this year to talk about how we can come together for a healthier future for our blue planet and ourselves!

2018 is shaping up to be the year the globe unites to end the plastics pollution crisis. From Earth Day, to World Oceans Day, to Plastic Free July, plastic pollution is the hot topic on everyone’s minds. And it’s no wonder: 12.7 million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans each year.

But we can work together to change this.

In Canada, we see litter in our communities, but many of us aren’t aware of how our own coastlines, lakes and communities are being impacted by plastic pollution. Studies are revealing alarming results: for instance, over 50% of waterfowl in Atlantic Canada and 87% of seabirds in the Canadian Arctic have ingested plastic.

So what can we do to help? How are we going to stop the flow of plastic into our environments?

We need to stop plastic pollution at the source – the overproduction of single-use plastic products. As individuals, we cannot do it alone. This is where Greenpeace comes in, bringing people together to affect positive change. Together we can urge major producers of single-use plastic to take responsibility for the full life of their products. Together we can call on governments to hold corporations accountable, and put stricter laws in place that focus on reduction, re-use and the long-term sustainability of our cities and towns.

There’s a growing movement of people around the world who are saying ‘enough is enough’ and convincing local businesses, municipal governments, and even big supermarket chains to phase out single-use plastics. With these moves underway and each of us inspiring other people to take action in our day-to-day lives, we can start to shift the thinking around the throwaway culture we’ve grown accustomed to.

Plastic is everywhere, and we need everyone. Together we can create the change we want to see for this planet and live a greener, more plastic-free life.

We need you. Come share your thoughts on plastics with Greenpeace at Booth #1411 and sign up to receive a toolkit for Earth Day and join a movement of people working towards solutions, who believe we can #BreakFreeFromPlastic.

More details on Greenpeace’s panel discussion at The Green Living Show can be found here.