Toronto Green Bins

It seems there is a great deal of confusion surrounding how to properly use your Green Bin in Toronto. As I think this is such an important initiative in Toronto, I felt like I should do a little bit of research to help people out!

Here is a quick list of the things that are ALLOWED to be put in your green bin:

Fruits, vegetable scraps

Meat, shellfish, fish products

Pasta, bread, cereal

Dairy products, egg shells

Coffee grounds, filters, tea bags

Soiled paper towels, tissues

Soiled paper food packaging: fast food paper packaging, ice cream boxes, muffin paper, flour and sugar bags

Paper plates

Candies, cookies, cake

Baking ingredients, herbs, spices

Household plants, including soil

Diapers, sanitary products

Animal waste, bedding (e.g. from bird/hamster cages), kitty litter

Pet food

For more details on Toronto’s Green Bin initiative and to find a complete list of items NOT allowed in your green bin, please visit: