From Tire(d) to Inspired

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Recycled rubber for racetrack underlay provided by Moose Creek Tire Recycling. Tires collected during the annual OARA Tire Take Back collection campaign

How paper is made is a well-known tale. It comes from trees, which is why we do our best to consume less and recycle whenever possible. Did you know that rubber – a material that also comes from trees – can be recycled too?

OTS: The rubber recycling experts

Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) is the organization that manages the recycling of tires, the most used rubber product on the planet. OTS helps organize a network of stewards including; collectors (where old tires can be dropped off), haulers (who take those tires and bring them to processors), and recycled product manufacturers (who make cool stuff with the processed rubber).

The vision is to have a self-sustaining industry in which these stewards work together to turn our old tires into innovative new products made using recycled rubber that comes from old tires.


Rubber mulch by Shercom Industries. Custom seating created by Heffco Elastomers Inc. for the YMCA concourse.

Get with the (Used Tires) Program

With proper maintenance, tires can last a long time, but they won’t last forever. Enter OTS. Since September 2009, through the Used Tires Program, more than 70 million old tires have been reused and recycled into dozens of innovative products instead of being burned or being sent to landfills. Ontario residents can take up to four of their flat, worn, or scrap tires to an OTS registered tire collector, for free.

OTS ensures Ontario’s tires are recycled responsibly by sending them to processing centres where the donated tires are ground up into pieces. Higher quality crumb rubber is separated from other tire bi-products (like metal and fibre) so it can be used to create innovative recycled products that are used in homes, playgrounds, sidewalks, roadways, and more.

Sustainable & Stylish: recycled rubber at its best

Here are just a few examples innovative products that can be made from recycled tire rubber:

Innovation underfoot

Innovation underfoot – Carpet cushioning and flooring underlay keep floor surfaces springy and make them last longer. They are hypoallergenic and can be installed above or below grade –and under almost any flooring. You may never see it, but your feet will appreciate it being there.

Floored by options – Accentuate doorways with beautifully crafted recycled rubber mats or give your feet a treat with recycled rubber anti-fatigue mats. Naturally water and slip resistant, these mats provide a safer environment for families.


Planters by Multy Home

Planet-friendly Boot Trays – Recycled rubber boot trays are a great way to keep the puddles in the mudroom where they belong. Sturdy, leak-proof rubber that won’t crack when the temperature dips, rubber boot trays are perfect for indoor or outside use.

Gorgeous Gardens

Stepping stones by Multy Home

Gorgeous gardens and roofs – Perfectly suited to stand up to harsh Canadian winter weather, eco-friendly mulch, patio stones, planters, and roofing shingles made from tires are durable, non-toxic, and resist mould and mildew.

As awareness spreads about the OTS Used Tire Program, not only are we converting what was once considered waste into something worthwhile, but we’re simultaneously supporting an industry that never existed before in the province of Ontario. As a result, consumers now have a wider variety of high-quality, durable and sustainable products to choose from when it comes to staying sustainable. What’s not to love?

Live outside of Ontario? Check here for information tire recycling in your province.