Three Eco-Trips Trips You Should Take in 2020!

March 30 2020 | By: Leigh Barnes, Chief Customer Officer at Intrepid Travel

Three Eco-Trips Trips You Should Take in 2020!

Looking to travel somewhere new this year but don’t know where to go? Are you feeling guilty about the effect tourism and travel are having on our planet? You aren’t alone.

As a response to concerns of over-tourism and the negative effect on both local residents and the travel experience for tourists, Intrepid Travel has made some changes to its itineraries and are launching new sustainable destination trips for 2020:

East Cambodia

Cambodia has been a popular travel destination over the last few years, but the outlying eastern haunts of the country will move you away from the usual tourist trail and into a more insightful Cambodian journey. As a responsible business and the first tour operator to ban elephant rides from its itineraries, Intrepid is always looking to promote ethical observation of elephants in their natural habitat and promote destinations beyond the highlights. A recommended itinerary is Intrepid’s new 2020 Cambodia Expedition: Elephants & Jungles.

Quadra Island, Canada

In a significant win for animal rights activists everywhere, in June 2019 Canada passed legislation banning whales, dolphins and porpoises from being bred or held in captivity. This news, coupled with movements against SeaWorld and similar establishments, has put a spotlight on the cruelty of captivity and is an impetus for animal lovers to witness these creatures in their natural habitat instead. To view these stunning whales in the wild, Intrepid Travel is launching a new eight-day Discovery Islands & Orca Camp Expedition in 2020.

Haida Gwaii Islands

Known as the Canadian Galapagos for its complex ecosystem and diverse wildlife, the Haida Gwaii Islands lie beneath the Alaska Panhandle, just off British Columbia’s northern coast. This region holds more than lush landscapes and beautiful wildlife: it has been the ancestral home of Canada’s Haida First Nations people for over 10,000 years. Intrepid launched a new Haida Gwaii Islands Expedition in 2020 to support indigenous tourism and promote the unknown regions of Canada. This itinerary was also featured in the New York Times 52 Places To Go in 2020.