The most important event you will attend all year!

May 7, 2019 | Green Living

The most important event you will attend all year!

From March 13th-15th, 2020 join 350+ like-minded exhibitors at the Green Living Show.

The 2019 Green Living Show was a huge success and 2020 will be even bigger than the last! Here are a few reasons to exhibit with us:

1. More than 250 Million Media Impressions

The Green Living Show is lively, inspiring, and features hundreds of story ideas and photo opportunities for leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle! Watch to learn more.

The show garners over 250 million media impressions. Our exhibitors have been featured on BNN, Breakfast Television, Canada AM, CBC News, CityLine, City News, CP 24, CTV News, Global News, The Marilyn Dennis Show, The Morning Show, The National, and The Weather Network. Check us out on Breakfast Television highlighting our exhibitors and giving some tips on eco-friendly living.

2. Motivated, Qualified & Engaged Consumers

Our extensive media buy, PR campaign and strategic partnerships mean that we reach a broad base of motivated, engaged and qualified consumers. We host over 25,000 attendees and they come to buy! 87% made a purchase at the show.

3. We interact with 69,000+ subscribers

We use multiple social media platforms to get our 69,000+ subscribers excited about coming to the show to experience the best in eco: shopping, food and drink, electrical vehicle test drives, speakers and so much more!

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4. Our audience notices you!

Between our contests, blogger challenges, and media partnerships we get your brand in front of our audience in interesting and creative ways.

Exhibitors with innovative and unique offerings attract our qualified customers and that’s why we want you!

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