The Essential Green Spring Cleaning Step You Might Be Missing

March 15, 2019 | Green Living


The Essential Green Spring Cleaning Step You Might Be Missing

The days are getting longer, plants are looking greener and we’ve got the urge to make our homes a lot cleaner: spring cleaning season is here. We talk to the natural home cleaning specialists at AspenClean about the essential cleaning step that you might be missing.

@GreenLivingShow: Is spring cleaning really that important?

Yes! Your regular routine is mostly touching up, but with a spring clean, everything is overhauled and given a deep clean.

You could bring in the help of a professional cleaning service to make spring cleaning (and even regular cleaning) easier, but it’s also perfectly fine to do it yourself.

@GreenLivingShow: Where might people go wrong with a Spring Clean?

Something that shouldn’t be compromised (which often is), is using the right tools.

You should start with a list of everything you want to clean, followed by a list of tools. At this point, most people head to their cleaning cupboard and check off supplies they need.

What people should be doing is checking on their cleaning supplies.

@GreenLivingShow: What should they be looking for?

That their cleaners won’t have a negative impact on their health. Dust and dirt can be serious for many people; but by eradicating those we may be using chemicals associated with significant issues such as cancers, asthma and developmental and reproductive toxicity.

@GreenLivingShow: How do we know that?

The Environmental Working Group is an independent organization (non-profit, non-partisan) that is dedicated to protecting human health and the environment. As part of their ‘Guide to Healthy Cleaning’, the EWG has inspected more than 2000 cleaning supplies on the American market to date and found that many contain ingredients linked to serious health problems.

About 53% of cleaning products assessed by EWG scientists contain ingredients that are known to harm the lungs; 22% contain chemicals that have induced asthma in healthy individuals and; widely used conventional cleaners contain suspected carcinogens such as 1, 4-dioxane and chloroform.

@GreenLivingShow: How easy is it to avoid these ingredients?

Unfortunately, safe home cleaning is a challenge in North America. This is because the laws that govern cleaning product labelling don’t require companies to disclose anything more than the product identity, product net quantity and the dealer’s name and principal place of business. Only 7% of products inspected by the EWG study sufficiently listed ingredients.

An overwhelming number of products in the kitchen category of the ‘Guide to Healthy Cleaning’ analysis scored with a ‘C’ to ‘F’ grade, and many of these products use ‘green’ messaging which can confuse buyers into thinking that theirs is a safe choice.

@GreenLivingShow: How can consumers better understand their cleaners?

By getting familiar with resources like the EWG’s ‘Guide to Healthy Cleaning’. The database is free, easy to use and can quickly help you identify any safety concerns that your cleaners pose.

@GreenLivingShow: Any tips for cleaning our cleaning closets?

Look up each of your existing cleaners in the EWG database and see if you are happy with the product score. If your research leaves you with gaps in your toolkit, you can use the EWG database to find A-rated products.

@GreenLivingShow: Any other insider tips for healthy spring cleaning?

Use eco-friendly concentrates. They tend to be more economical, reduce packaging waste, and can be used as strong cleaners on stubborn spots.

Also, think about calling in the help of professional cleaners. If you are in Vancouver, Calgary or Toronto, consider a certified natural cleaning service such as AspenClean. Not only will you benefit from the time and ease of having professional help, but you’ll also have a reference point for a deep clean and you can be sure that the products we use won’t harm your health.

AspenClean provides effective green home cleaning services and products to conscious consumers. Shop EWG A-rated, Leaping Bunny Approved and Ecocert Certified products online or in store; or get a no-obligation quote for their award-winning home cleaning services here.