Sustainable Hosting – DIY Zero Waste Thanksgiving Centrepiece

October 2 2020 | Green Living Show

Sustainable Hosting - DIY Zero Waste Thanksgiving Centrepiece

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to gather with friends and family and celebrate with good food and great drink!

Sometimes though, for the host, the holiday can cause some extra stress. The meal's timing, cleaning the house, setting a beautiful table - it can all be a bit overwhelming.

We love using vegetables for styling a table for a couple of reasons; one, because you can always reuse the items and two, because there is little to no waste! We have played around with a sustainable centrepiece we think you will love. Created out of hearty seasonal vegetables, use the pieces of this centrepiece when creating weeknight meals with your leftovers!


1. It is always good to start with a base. We used purple kale, but depending on the colours you want to use, any leafy vegetables will do.

Add the height. For this table, we put herbs (that we would use weekly anyway) in small jars to add a bit of depth.


3. Place your bigger items first. They are the focal point, and you will adjust and fill around them. Use your brightest colour vegetables first and place them in clusters. You will work around these with the more muted vegetables.

4. Fill the space. Use your smaller vegetables to fill any gaps or create texture.

5. Enjoy!


Try using your centrepiece veggies in these recipes!

Kale & Beets - make a salad to pair with leftover turkey! (if your kale is looking a bit sorry after dinner, try a warm kale salad!)

Carrots & Onion - use in a leftover stew!

Parsley & Carrot Stalks - make a fresh pesto!

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