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Green Living Show

The urban landscape is often associated with barren scenes of concrete and steel. However, even in the biggest cities (and the tiniest apartments), a quiet but powerful agricultural movement is taking root. The all new Urban Agriculture Pavilion at the Green Living Show will be a snapshot of farming in the city, showcasing innovative projects and ideas that offer a sustainable, local alternative to the industrial-scale food system.

The Pavilion will highlight ideas for growing food in minimal space with maximum creativity. With inexpensive containers and enriched soil (utilizing Boreal Agrominerals locally sourced  and 100% natural Spanish River Carbonatite), you can create an urban garden that will thrive and produce fresh food of the highest nutritional value. This can be done virtually anywhere – on balconies, roof tops, window ledges and even vacant parking lots.

Bowery Project will be showcasing portable and modular planters. They think outside the box by growing food in a box—a recycled milk crate, that is. The idea is a spin-off of Ore Design + Technology’s designed Riverpark Farm, one of the largest and arguably most innovative farming models in New York City. Bowery Project envisions a mobile urban farm that can be placed in vacant lots, using one farmer and 7,000 milk crates to grow 100+ types of plants. They will provide local produce to chefs and will connect the community through programs and partnerships to celebrate growing food in the city.

Tridel will showcase the communal rooftop garden being built for residents of the Aqualina at Bayside Toronto condominium. A great place to bring neighbours together, the space will be aesthetically pleasing and promote small-scale urban agriculture.

The Pavilion will also provide information on how you can go out into your community to engage in sustainable food production. Learn more about the many farmer’s markets and community gardens across the Greater Toronto Area and how you can get involved. Also discover Everdale’s Black Creek Community Farm, a full-scale organic vegetable farm in the Jane and Finch area that provides hands-on food and farming education to build healthy local food systems. Launched in spring 2013, the farm re-imagines the urban agriculture landscape and provides a model for other cities around the world.

The innovations showcased at the Pavilion prove that a new vision of how urbanites access their food is emerging. Whether it’s growing our own food, buying food from a local grower, converting existing green space into community gardens, or building new developments that feature edible landscapes, the fundamentals are the same – and the benefits are enormous. We dig it.


The Urban Agriculture Pavilion is at the Green Living Show, April 25-27, 2014 at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto. Find out more at

For more information about the Pavilion’s landscape designer Tamara McMullen and her lovely small-scale organic farm, visit