Lessons in Perseverance: How a storybook inspired two Canadian sisters to become leaders in sustainable fashion

March 9, 2018 | Green Living

Lessons in perseverance: How a storybook inspired two Canadian sisters to become leaders in sustainable fashion

Ungalli’s founders, sister team Bree and Hailey, are fiercely committed to raising awareness about the negative impact of the mainstream clothing industry. From humans to wildlife, “fast fashion” has a direct, harmful toll on our planet. Ungalli is working to create a new standard for style; one that is conscientious, thoughtful, and centered around sustainable practices.

name of the tree book

The name “Ungalli” comes from a storybook their mother read to them as children; The Name Of The Tree, a retelling of an old Bantu folktale. In the story, the last fruit-bearing tree on earth will only lower it’s branches to whomever finds out its name; the smallest and most unlikely animal discovers the name (“Ungalli”) through perseverance and determination. The story symbolized to the duo that ‘no matter how few we are in number or how limited we are in terms of resources, we can accomplish great things when we band together.’

Every Ungalli product incorporates recycled plastic bottles into each of their products – One Ungalli t-shirt saves approximately 10 plastic bottles from landfill. By using a small production radius, each shirt saves approximately 2 litres of petroleum and reduces carbon dioxide output by 12 kilograms. It takes 2720 litres of water to make a traditional t-shirt (the amount most of us drink over the course of three years). Every Ungalli tee saves a whopping 2695 litres of water by only using 25 litres in production!

From winning a Top 30 Under 30 award for Sustainability Leadership in Canada to the Quest Climate Grant from Canadian Geographic magazine, Ungalli has had no shortage of success. Creating and supplying conscientiously crafted, locally manufactured (right here in Toronto) custom tees, hoodies and more, they’re constantly giving back; from the inception of each product to the charities they regularly support (animal rescues and more). They also supply wholesale of their entire line of products.

Ungalli is supplying The Green Living Show’s volunteers with beautiful custom t-shirts. Interested in volunteering at the Show? Learn more.

Visit Ungalli at Booth #1132 at The Green Living Show (Apr 6-8), Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

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