GLS20Online Exhibitor Spotlight: Fair Finance Fund

March 23 2020 | The Fair Finance Fund Team

GLS20Online Exhibitor Spotlight: Fair Finance Fund

Hello, everyone,

We know things are changing fast, and we wanted to talk with you about what we are doing in the face of volatile markets, climate crisis and other challenges in the world today. We at the Fair Finance Fund are doing what we can to ensure that Ontario has a vibrant, healthy food system that benefits the farmers, consumers and our investors. Some of the best soil and most experienced producers in Canada are right here in Ontario, and the Fair Finance Fund is designed to make sure they thrive over the longterm to bring you good food and strong local economies.

The FFF offers community bonds with 2-4% interest, 5 and 10 year terms. The investments are used for affordable loans for social entrepreneurs in the local food and agriculture sector in Ontario. This is a powerful sector; despite lack of access to conventional capital and other business support, these entrepreneurs continue to flourish, supplying farmers’ markets, CSAs, farmgate and independent retail all over the province.

The Fair Finance Fund is entering our third year and looking for more investors; the Fund can now boast of stable returns and impacts from our work. Fair Finance Fund investments go to Ontario’s local food and farms that are locally owned and focused on local (Ontario) markets. Our clients have reduced irrigation on three farms, increased soil health in three regions, expanded Ontario’s organic production, supported one of the first northern fruit orchards, and supported farmers who are developing a land trust model to protect Ontario’s farmland for food and forage in perpetuity. Our clients are diversified and focused on long-term gains to the economy and environment, offering products in multiple markets from direct to consumer to wholesale.

The impact of the Fair Finance Fund in 2019 was ahead of target on jobs and projected sales for the term of the loans. We are proud to showcase our clients who have achieved so much already for Ontario’s economy. Any individual or institution can invest in our organization, to learn more see below, join us in our upcoming webinar series starting April 16th, subscribe to our mailing list, and visit our website at

Yours from the cloud,
The Fair Finance Fund Team


Stories from the Field

Here are stories from some of our clients. We are sharing short videos and larger profiles on the website and through social media. Go to and client profiles for more!

Chocosol Traders

Mission: To craft revolutionary foods that are good for mind, body, and soil. We are dedicated to offering a socially-just, ecological, and dignified alternative to the conventional approach to trade, food production, and sharing. This means an ongoing, reflective practice of working in partnership, collaboration, and co-operation with growers and communities in the Americas.

Chocosol is a learning community and social enterprise that has become one of Canada's largest bean-to-bar craft chocolate makers. Chocosol has developed an ethical and transparent supply chain for cacao, coffee and complementary ingredients from Central America, the Caribbean and regionally, and produces healthy food that is free from dairy, nuts, soy and gluten. In addition to excellent ethically traded coffee and chocolate, Chocosol maintains high environmental and social standards, delivering by bicycle whenever possible, shortening supply chains, and ensuring decent work with fair pay and sector training for workers.