Finding Your Calm Amidst Chaos

March 19 2020 | Alyssa Segula @alyyseg

Finding Your Calm Amidst Chaos

As I planned to discuss “eco-anxiety” and ways to take care of ourselves at the Green Living Show 2020, I thought it was relevant and necessary to discuss the importance of finding our own calm amidst unforeseen circumstances.

Life is never as we expect it and we are all experiencing change with this pandemic: emotional, social, physical, financial, environmental, and/or spiritual. We may feel a loss of identity with these changes, and we may experience waves of emotions. Unplanned change can be terrifying, but change can be good. When we are faced with adversity there is an opportunity for growth – a silver lining that allows for a different perspective.

Even with all of the uncertainties, let's remember that we are strong. Humans are resilient and if we stay compassionate, we can get through the roughest seas together, whether it be a pandemic, a natural disaster, or any other large-scale event. However, to be compassionate we must take care of ourselves. We must listen to our personal needs and understand it will look different for everyone. So, let us learn from one another while caring for one another. I’ll start off by sharing a few ways to manage our stress during these challenging times:

Get Creative: Find a way to channel some of your feelings through creative expression. Painting, photography, writing, dancing – there are many ways to channel this energy.

Connect via Technology: One of the most important components of self-care is feeling connected and having a sense of community. We are lucky to have the technology today that allows us to connect with others worldwide – take advantage of it! Pick up a phone, join a chat online, get involved with virtual events such as the #GLSOnline2020.

Learn Something New: Whether it be a new hobby or a new skill, we always have an ability to learn. Learning new skills can be exciting, engaging and boost our self-confidence. There are many free courses online and YouTube videos available to help you learn something new from home.

Connect with Nature: Breathing in fresh air is so important to our well-being. Get outdoors when you can. If you can't, care for your plants, open a window, spend time in natural sunlight if you can.

Practice self-reflection: Although this pandemic has interrupted many plans, we can look at this experience as one that allows us to slow down and self-reflect. Practice mindfulness, set and re-orient goals, be open and observe your own thoughts.

I now call you all to action to be the teachers. Comment ways you care for yourself during stressful times - how do you practice self-care when you are feeling overwhelmed about the environment, your health, or from any other stressors in your life?