Exhibitor Spotlight – Q&A with Dresden Vision

September 2 2019 | Green Living Show & Dresden Vision

Exhibitor Spotlight - Q&A with Dresden Vision

If you were to describe Dresden as a person, how would you describe them?

Funny you should ask that, like our customers, we are open and tolerant, green and arty, edgy and odd, and busy having fun at work..

It’s my first time stepping foot into your storefront, and I know nothing about your brand. What should I expect?

A warm greeting, a quick explanation and the space to play and create the glasses you love..

What sparked the idea for an ethical and sustainable optical brand like Dresden?

Simple frustrations and unanswered questions. Why are glasses so expensive? Why are they so breakable and then disposable? Once we started investigating and realized that none of these things have to be true, the idea for Dresden was born.

Your website says that you use recycled nylon to make your glasses, but what does that mean? How do you get the materials and how do they become the glasses that I wear?

We make our glasses out of a combination of virgin and recycled nylon as well as other recycled materials. We partner with various organizations (such as Sea Shepherd) who give us their collected plastic waste (such as fishing nets, or keg lids), and we turn them into glasses at our zero-waste facility in Australia. Our sustainably sourced virgin nylon is used to make sure that our glasses are as durable as possible, and yet still fully recyclable so that we can melt them down to make new glasses to keep our production loop closed.

You recently launched glasses made out of recycled Australian banknotes. First of all, that is so cool! How often do you have unique upcycled or recycled glasses that aren’t apart of your usual offerings?

We try to have them as often as possible, at the very least every time we do a new production run. We have a few exciting new partnerships coming up, so stay tuned for our next limited series!

What is your biggest accomplishment as a brand so far?

Being able to come to Canada (a different continent than where we started!) and start educating and spreading the word here has been a huge accomplishment. We’ve been exceptionally well received and are excited to continue to grow here.

What is some of the common feedback you get from first time visitors and returning customers?"

“Wow!” is the general reaction! Whether it’s to the fact that our one frame shape does flatter most faces, or the price, the sustainability, the speed or even just our service, people walk away impressed. Even if they don’t come back themselves, they send their family and friends, which we love just as much.

You are expanding! Tell us about that.

We are! This summer we popped up in Hamilton and found the same demand we did in Toronto, so now we’re looking at spreading coast to coast serving people wherever they need affordable and sustainable glasses, whether that’s city centres or small towns.

What else should we know about Dresden before coming in and buying a pair of glasses?

As long as you’ve got a prescription from within the last two years, or have made an appointment with any of our wonderful optometrists, you’ll find something you love at Dresden. Even if you don’t need glasses and just want a pair of sunnies or some brightly coloured reading glasses, you know that you’ll have a great time mixing and matching your colours and will walk away with a product you can feel great about.

Visit Dresden Optical at their following locations

599 College St, Toronto

733 Queen St E, Toronto

28 Bathurst St (Stackt Market), Toronto

154 James St N, Hamilton