EVOKE: The Elements Within

Many popular perfumes on the market today contain a slew of toxic (and often unlisted) ingredients that are anything but sexy, so naturally—pun intended—we were thrilled to hear about an all-new fragrance line that makes perfect eco-scents.

EVOKE The Elements Within offers a unique collection of five pure, botanical and custom made fragrances that are produced in Canada, made in small batches and bottled by hand with love. Each scent was developed from scratch and carefully curated using the highest grade oils and plant botanicals. All five scents contain no generic fillers or pre-made bases, and are free of nasty chemicals like petroleum, parabens, synthetic fragrance, dyes, pesticides and GMOs.

The collection draws on inspiration from Eastern medicine and aromatherapy, with the idea that certain fragrances have a stimulating effect on both our body and our emotional state: the soft, sweet Metal scent (for the lungs) is described as a vibrant floral fragrance said to ease grief and evoke happiness; the Wood scent (for the liver) is a smoky, earthy fragrance said to ease anger and create harmony; the Water scent (for the kidney) is a light, feminine fragrance said to evoke wisdom and ease fear; the Fire scent (for the heart) is a fresh, sweet and citrus aroma said to evoke joy and ease sorrow; and the Earth scent (for the stomach) is said to ease worry and encourage peace.The line was created by Candice Batista, journalist and on-air eco-expert for the Marilyn Denis Show. evoketheelements.com

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