Calgary Stampede Saddles up with Green Efforts

You may not see any green cowboys at The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, but the Calgary Stampede is taking strides to cut down its environmental footprint.

Attracting over a million people each year, the Stampede has taken numerous steps during the event and year round to promote sustainability.

 “The greenest power is the power you don’t use,” says Gerry McHugh, the
Stampede’s Park Operations manager. “We are changing the culture on
Stampede Park in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint through
technology and the three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle.”

During the 10 day event, old
lighting technology was switched for new high efficiency lighting that uses less
power and provides more light. A solar powered trash compactor is on site and there is a no idling policy during the event.

Last year, 3,649 trees were saved by recycling cardboard and paper. Over 26,000 beverage containers and 10,000 plastic beer cups were recycled. The Stampede’s environmental management system is also registered to ISO 14001
standards. Why waste paper maps when you can download the Calgary Stampede application for your iPhone?

But as attendees, it’s also important to do our part to assist large events such as the Stampede have a lower environmental impact. You can help by taking small initiatives such as carpooling or taking public transit, bringing a reusable water bottle and properly disposing of trash in the appropriate containers.

What other green initiatives would you like to see the Calgary Stampede take on?

For more information, including tickets and upcoming events, see the Calgary Stampede website.