Best Eco-Gifts in Hurry!

You made your list and checked it twice, but now you realize there’s one gift you forgot to get. If the thought of heading to a mall at this time of year gives you anxiety, fear not! Our Eco-Gift Guide has got you covered!

Eco gifts

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1. FridgeSmart® Containers

Great for anyone who loves leftovers and hates waste!

FridgeSmart ContainersNow you can preserve your farm-fresh produce even longer! Redesigned containers offer better air circulation and advanced moisture protection. The storage chart is relocated for easier viewing, while an improved venting system moves to an easy-open seal. New, modular sizes offer storage flexibility and nest together to save space. All parts dishwasher safe. Starting at $18.50.

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2. A Membership to a Tool Library

Great for the DIYer in your life!

Tool Library

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A Tool Library allows its members to borrow tools and access other resources, like “how-to” materials for a membership fee. Rather than having to own several different kinds of fancy or complicated equipment (that, let’s face it would likely spend a significant amount of time collecting dust in a basement) a membership to a Tool Library is a more convenient and affordable way to complete DIY projects. There are Tool Libraries popping up across Canada, find your local chapter:



3. Parkdale Butter Espresso Face Balm

Great for anyone who likes to feel pampered!

Parkdale Butter Espresso Face Balm

Espresso Face Balm has been especially formulated for use on the face, particularly around any wrinkles that may be forming. The Vitamin E in the soy butter helps to regenerate skin cells, and heal any visible abrasions. The Green Coffee seed extract smells divine (think shot of espresso) and the antioxidants in this extract have been shown to slow signs of aging and protect skin from further damage. The small amount of caffeine in this extract also increases circulation and tightens pores.

When applied under the eyes, it reduces dark circles and puffiness. Can also be used as a gentle make-up removal cream. This moisturizer contains no preservatives, perfumes or additives.

For more information, visit Parkale Butter.


4. A Naturepedic Organic Cotton Pillow

Great for those who love their beauty rest!

Naturepedic Organic Cotton PillowsNaturepedic Organic Cotton Pillows combine a luxurious 300 thread count organic cotton outer cover with a 50/50 blend of certified organic kapok (also known as silk cotton) and certified organic cotton filling for a comfortable and healthy sleep. Available in standard to king size as well as toddler and low-fill versions perfect for kids. Able to be machine washed and dried! Certified by OTCO to the organic and non-toxic standards of the Global Organic Textile Exchange (GOTS).

Made in the U.S.A. Starting at $49. For orders in Canada, call: 1- 844-792-9002 or visit


5. A World-Changing Gift from Me To We

Great for the aspiring change-maker!

Me To We Rafiki

The Me to We Store is full of inspiring gifts that make life-changing impacts in communities overseas. In this shop, you’ll find some incredible options, such as a Rafiki, a colourful chain of locally sourced glass beads, made by a “mama” in Kenya. Me to We’s net profits are donated to their charity partner Free the Children; the other half is reinvested to grow the enterprise. So in buying one Rafiki Chain, you are also providing one month of clean water to a family.

Check out more of their meaningful gifts at


6. A Foodie Box from FoodiePages

Perfect for the gourmand!

Foodie Box from FoodiePages

These thoughtfully curated boxes are filled with small batch Canadian gourmet food products and hand-packed in eco-friendly boxes and shipped anywhere in Canada. Boxes range from $20 – $100. The FoodiePages team brings you over 160 Canadian artisan food makers and boutique wineries at

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7. An All Natural DIY Craft Kit from Kiss Naturals

Great for the youngsters!

Kiss NaturalsKids can make lip balms, bath fizzle, soaps, moisturizers, even face paint! Each kit comes with all the natural ingredients you need to make your own version of everyday skincare items, and a wealth of information on how to make healthy choices when shopping for health and beauty products. It’s never too early to teach kids the benefits of natural beauty products and what to look out for. Kits range from $9.95 to $29.95.

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8. A membership to The Travel Society

Perfect for the adventure-seeker!

The Travel SocietyA one-year Travel Society Magazine subscription is a perfect gift for the travel lover in your life. This quarterly online magazine is full of tips, stories and photographs from experienced travellers – many of whom have been members of The Travel Society for twenty years. In addition to the magazine, The Travel Society is also a boutique travel agency, specializing in off-the-beaten-path trips to exotic locations. All of their trips are customizable and follow the philosophy of helping travellers make the most out of their travels while minimizing the impact on the people and places they visit.

For more information, visit

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9. Gifts that give back

Perfect for everyone

Of course if you’re looking to avoid over-consuming this season, giving to a charity on behalf of your loved ones is a great option. There are so many worthy organizations to support, here are just a few to give you some ideas:


For the animal lover

WWF – A symbolic adoption: These cute stuffed animals are made with high standards for quality and environmental responsibility, with no harmful dyes, or PVCs. There are more than 30 adoption kits to choose from and each adoption kit includes a personalized adoption certificate, gift bag, poster and information pamphlet about your species or hero, and a charitable tax receipt for a portion of your purchase.

The Pembina Institute

For the clean energy advocate

The Pembina Institute is a Canadian think tank that advances sustainable energy solutions through research, education, consulting and advocacy. This year, consider giving a tribute gift to help advance its fantastic work in the green energy sphere.

Environmental Defence

For the conscientious consumer

Your gift to Environmental Defence will be put towards protecting Canada’s environment and the health of your family and friends. Your support helps us hold decision makers to promises of toxic-free products, enforce green space protection, push for a greener economy, and fight for a real and effective plan to cut our global warming pollution.

David Suzuki Foundation

For the conservationist

David Suzuki Foundation: Send an e-card to help monarch butterflies. By sending a butterfly e-card, you will help plant milkweed—the plant where monarch moms lay their eggs and the monarch caterpillars’ main source of food—to welcome them back to Canada. Holiday e-cards are also available.

This spring The David Suzuki Foundation will be planting milkweed in the Greater Toronto Area as part of the Homegrown National Park. And if our Toronto launch is successful, we’ll look at expanding the program to other Canadian cities, to help even more butterflies.


For the nature lover

A Gift of Canadian Nature is sure to please – perfect for nature lovers, animal lovers and those on your list who have everything, these symbolic gifts of habitat give twice, once to your loved one and once to Canada’s wilderness.
Every gift includes:

  • A beautiful nature calendar featuring breathtaking landscapes from across Canada – a daily reminder of your support of these wild places or a wonderful holiday gift to give to a friend to enjoy
  • A certificate that can be personalized – it can be framed and proudly displayed or tucked under the tree for a holiday surprise