11 Tips For Your Next Eco-Vacation

May 31, 2019 | Ahimsa Eco Solutions

11 Tips For Your Next Eco-Vacation

Do you love to travel but find it difficult to be as green on your vacation as when you’re at home? Ahimsa Eco Solutions has some tips to make your next trip an eco-friendly one!

Reduce Plastic Waste

1. Food and drink packaging on airplanes creates a lot of waste. Bring reusables like cloth bags, straws, cutlery, and cups on your next flight...think of how many plastic cups you could prevent from being thrown out on one flight alone!

2. Learn to say “no plastic” and “no straw, please” in the local language. Use your eco-friendly reusables everywhere from fast food joints, to night markets, cafés and smoothie bars.

3. One of the best things you can do is avoid plastic water bottles! Use your reusable bottle as often as you can. Some countries have potable municipal water that you can drink. If not, bring your own filtration device or look for water refill stations, which provide water that’s cleaner and way cheaper than bottled water. If you have to buy bottled water, get it in larger containers (4 L or 20 L) and fill up your water bottle before you head out to for the day.

4.Instead of purchasing travel- sized products, put your at-home supplies into smaller reusable containers.

5. Say no to luggage plastic- wrapping services at airports. It generates unnecessary plastic waste. To keep your luggage secure, purchase a TSA luggage lock; it’s reusable, durable, and won’t be broken by airport security.

Reduce carbon emissions

6. Air travel is the most carbon-intensive mode of transportation. If it’s an option, consider taking the bus or train instead...and taking one overnight will save you a hotel stay!

7. Consider offsetting your carbon emissions by donating to a tree planting organization.

8. Choose public transit, walking or biking over taxis or car rentals. If using a ridesharing company, opt for a shared ride which is cheaper and offers fewer emissions per person. If travelling to Canada or the US, consider using Lyft because they offset all their carbon. Also look for bike, e-scooter or e-bike sharing programs.

Other Tips!

9. Use an eco-tour operator that supports sustainable practices.

10. Consider biodegradable/reef- friendly sunscreen (DIY or purchased). It’s healthier for you, coral reefs and marine life. Conventional sunscreens contain oxybenzone and other chemicals that are toxic to the oceans and to us.

11. Do a local waste cleanup! Bonus points if it’s at the beach because shoreline cleanups help to keep plastic from entering our oceans and it’s a lot easier to collect waste on land than from the water!